Can I write my own scenes?

Yes you definitely can. As long as they are within the time frame we are happy for you to write your own script.

Can I provide my own director/acting coach?

Yes. Please let us know if you intend on doing this so we can include them in pre-production.

Can I use famous scenes from movies?

We recommend an original scene or a scene of a similar style to the one you like. This way no one can compare the scenes. They stand out in their own right.

Can I do my own makeup?

You can, however, we use HD air brush makeup designed for 1080p which we believe gives the most natural coverage compared to liquid foundations which tends to yellow under lights or be more visible for close ups.

I want to add singing to my showreel, do you do this?

The best way to do this is to have your song recorded in a studio. We then shoot you singing in a similar fashion to a music video. Please contact us for a free quote.

I have looked through your packages but I want something a bit different.

We can tailor a package to suit you. Please contact us with your vision and we will set up a meeting to discuss options.

Do you recommend doing a Standard American accent?

If you are confident with your Standard American accent, then yes. If you are unsure it is best practice to set up lessons with an accent coach prior to filming your showreel. 

What is Vimeo? 

Vimeo is the best place to share videos. We upload your videos and host them for free for 12 months. Vimeo works in a similar fashion to YouTube. You can send links of your showreel to casting agents, embed it in websites, see your statistics on views and even download it from anywhere in the world. 

I want a showreel but is there any way I could make it cheaper?

Our showreels are very good value for money. We work on a skeleton crew that are multi-skilled so as to save you as much on cost as possible. Things like providing your own costumes, locations and scene partners keep the costs down as well. 

How do I go about getting a Brisbane Showreel?

Contact us with what you are interested in. Please send us any headshots, or links of your work. We can then set up a meeting on Skype or in person to discuss what characters/ genres you are interested in. Once we have a date pencilled in and have received the booking fee we will send you examples of scripts to choose from. We will then work on these with you until you are happy. Then it’s up to you to learn your lines and organize your costumes (we can help source costumes for you). It’s best to bring a couple of options to the shoot. Leading up to the shoot we will discuss with you locations, props and set. A week before the shoot we will send you out a call sheet with all the information. Final payment is required the day before shooting.After the shoot we then take the footage and do an edit. We have a fast turnaround but it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks before the first draft will be ready. We will upload the showreel onto website which will be pass word protected. You will have a chance to view the showreel and let us know if you want any minor changes to be made. You can take as long as you want and we recommend showing it to as many people as you can as we only do one round of changes. Once you are happy we upload the final version and send you a data DVD.